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To develop and catalyze the life sciences eco-system in the Paso del Norte Region


To cultivate a dynamic health industry and innovation/entreprenuership ecosystem that competes globally


  • Be the “keeper of the vision” for the MCA Campus.
  • Spur and facilitate the development of the MCA Campus.
  • Spur and facilitate the development of a biomedical industry in the Paso del Norte region, thereby improving medical treatments and products aimed at health issues affecting the region.
  • Promote the growth of the regional healthcare industry, thereby improving access to quality healthcare in the region.
  • Spur economic development in the Paso del Norte region by creating a biomedical industry.

Guiding Principles

  • We support the development and advancement of healthcare and life sciences research facilities that are located within and beyond the boundaries of the MCA Campus.
  • We support economic and cultural revitalization efforts on behalf of the community and region.
  • We respect the individual mission and identity of our institutional directors and community partners and value their contributions to our mission.
  • We support endeavors and initiatives that assure and foster meaningful community participation, engagement, education and outreach throughout the region.
  • We recognize that the strength of our region and the success of our endeavors are rooted in our commitment to meaningful and effective collaborations and cooperation.